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Finding Release from the Bondage of Anger and Bitterness

Authored by Dr Chuck Lynch       
Introduction by Gary Smalley
Forgiveness is hard but not impossible. When you can't forgive someone who has hurt you, the last thing you want is a guilt trip for not forgiving. For over 40 years, Dr. Chuck Lynch has asked people who can't forgive to honestly explain why they can't. When their legitimate concerns are addressed to their satisfaction, over 90% are able to forgive. I Should Forgive, But...identifies common reasons it is hard to forgive.
  • "...but I'm not angry!"  Admitting your anger can help to identify your legitimate needs.
  • "...but I can't forget."  Why the forgive-and-forget approach doesn't work.
  • "...but someone has to pay."  How to use revenge as the back door to forgiveness.
  • "...but they won't acknowledge what they did." Forgiveness is possible even when reconciliation isn't.
  • "...but they'll only do it again."  How to break free from the "victim" trap mentality.
  • "...but I'm living with the memories."  How to gain freedom from the control of the past.

I Should Forgive, But... will give you psychologically sound and scripturally based answers to the hindrances to forgiveness. One reader commented, "It was easily the most powerful book, outside of the Bible, I have ever read. I cannot believe how many answers to my years of pain are in there." Read, my friend, and be free.


You Can Work It Out    2nd Edition

The Power of Personal Responsibility in Restoring Relationships

Authored by Dr Chuck Lynch      

Do you have conflict in your life? Whether it is the relationship with your spouse, children, parents, in-laws, friends or co-workers, conflict is bound to be part of it. Living in the snarled mess caused by conflict can leave you feeling hopeless, helpless and powerless. How do you regain personal power in your life? In his book You Can Work It Out, Dr. Chuck Lynch reveals keys to resolving conflict in your life. You'll read true stories of men and women who have successfully used these tools to:
  • Reduce conflict and stress
  • Increase personal peace
  • Resolve relational problems
  • Apply both love and limits to the difficult people in your life
  • Live in freedom and peace even when mutual restoration isn't possible
  • Rediscover your true identity

Author Dr. Gary Smalley writes, "I have had one goal for my ministry down through the years: to create homes of honor and harmony. But conflict is inevitable. Chuck has done a masterful job of laying out a powerful, practical procedure to work out the most complicated solution-defying situations. I strongly suggest that you take your difficult relationship challenges through the biblical steps Chuck has outlined in this book and see what exciting results God has in store for you.


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About the author:

Dr. Chuck Lynch is skilled at understanding people and helping them deal with the hurts and hard issues in life both from an intellectual and a biblical perspective. After graduating from Biola College, he received an M.A. and an M. Div. from Talbot Theological Seminary and a D. Min. from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. He has served as a pastor, Bible college teacher and administrator and consultant to pastors and Christian leaders who face difficult personal and ministry issues. He is a published author in English and Spanish and has spoken extensively on Christian radio and television. Dr. Lynch shares practical biblical insights into human nature and conflict resolution as he counsels, teaches seminars or trains biblical care givers on five continents. He and his wife Linda have two married daughters and four grandchildren.


                     Mending Fences Healing Hearts

       The Top 10 Keys to a Better Relationship with Your Adult Children

Hey, it’s not too late! Don’t give up!  Yes, your stomach churns over your adult children’s bad choices. You didn’t raise them to be that way! Your heart aches as they engage in self-destructive behavior or they’ve just added one more toxic relationship to their friend list. In shock you watch them pile up credit card debt while making little or no effort to find a job. They sit around spending countless hours playing mind numbing video games and texting. Encouraging them to move out on their own is met with guilt laden accusations that you’re “kicking them out.” They refuse to respect your house rules and feel like martyrs if you ask them to help with the chores. Or you discover to your dismay that they’re living with someone and having your grand babies with no plans to get married. Efforts to try to talk only erupt into shouting matches and now they don’t call or come around much. The knot in the pit of your stomach doesn’t go away and discouragement feels like your only companion.

You’re overwhelmed with feelings of hopeless resignation. “What’s the use? Nothing works.

Now what!” Mending Fences Healing Hearts starts right where you are. It begins by re-energizing your dwindling hope with practical ways to build a better relationship with your adult children. Dr. Chuck Lynch, author, biblical counselor, and international speaker on family issues, has helped many discouraged parents mend broken relationships with their adult children.

  • Chapter 1 begins by restoring your perspective. You are done parenting. Now, you must view your kids as adults like God does, even if they are not acting like adults. Failure to grow up does not excuse a person from adulthood.
  • Dr. Lynch describes in chapter 2 the first practical step to take. It’s a hard one. Rather than talking to them parent-to-child, adjust your communication style to adult-to-adult. That one change has mended many relational fences. Talking down to them doesn’t motivate them to grow up.
  • In chapter 3 learn how to advise when asked or what to do when they don’t choose to follow your advice or don’t even ask for it. There is a way to open a closed mind. One thing that tears you up is their failure to fulfill your expectations and dreams.
  • Chapter 4 shows how to adjust your expectations to fit today’s reality and gain some welcome peace. Undoubtedly, you did the best you could with the information and maturity you had when you raised them, but you made a few mistakes.
  • In chapter 5, discover how to give and receive forgiveness from the heart and stop being controlled by guilt and regret. You’ll be able to distinguish between forgiveness and trust as it relates to your kids. It’s possible to wipe the slate clean.
  • Chapter 6 makes it clear how to get off the emotional roller coaster and regain some emotional stability yourself. Sure, you love your kids but they may not feel it.
  • Chapter 7 focuses on how to love your kids from their perspective in a healthy way.
  • In chapter 8, learn how good it feels to establish some healthy boundaries and watch what happens through the power of personal responsibility. You’ve worked hard for what you have today.
  • Chapter 9 presents a strategy to dispense your resources wisely and stop feeling like you have to be your adult children’s walking ATM. Grand children are the joy of your heart, however, the way they’re parented or not parented can be a source of pain.
  • The key in chapter 10 is how to be a wise grandparent, regardless of what others are doing. Every relationship involves conflict. That’s not bad. How you deal with conflict can be.
  • The four key elements described in chapter 11 bring personal peace, even if no one else changes.

Mending Fences Healing Hearts is written plainly from both a professional and a biblical perspective. It is easily understood and full of common sense. Questions at the end of each chapter provide a practical study guide for small group discussion. You will discover that it’s not too late to mend fences and heal hearts.


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